The highly artistic and talented lead singer from the unique band System of a Down. He is currently working on a solo career and produces various bands (i.e. Fair to Midland). He is unashamed to express political beliefs and anything else he feels like showing the world. He writes beautiful poetry and is known to be an activist, not to mention a great guy. His vocals are insane (in a positive sense), and he may suffer from being over talented, so much so that he isn't always sure what to do with himself.
Close Friend who likes Serj: Hey, did you hear that Serj's new album is coming out?
Me: What? When? Where?!!
Close Friend: Calm down man... I'm not sure yet...
Me: Dude! This is SERJ TANKIAN we're talking about! How the deuce can I calm down!!! YOU MUST TELL ME!!
Close Friend: Well, I gotta go... so umm... bye o.0
Me: No! Come back! You must tell me when it is!!!
by nikeusessweatshops August 01, 2009
the most beautiful, creative, multifaceted rock artist out there.
Serj Tankian of System of a Down is a remarkable musician.
by secondrenaissance February 20, 2004
Very wonderful lead vocalist for System of a Down!!!
by Laina September 26, 2003
The brilliant vocals in System of a Down.

Has a jolly good beard!!

A lovely poet.

Uses the phrase "and what not" a lot.

Fucking beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best singer/songwriter/poet in the world is Serj Tankian.
by SOAD rules December 23, 2003
A really talented man with a very beautiful face (have you seen him smile...makes me weak to think about it) and a voice that radiates passion. He is the most entertaining singer EVER!
Serj Tankian is IT!!
by BHEENHA January 10, 2004
Kick ass musician/singer for System Of A Down.

When he smiles, it makes my heart melt. ^_^
"Serj Tankian Is God"
by Emicat January 01, 2006
the lead singer of system of a down.
dont tell me you didnt know who he was. o, rite, thats why u looked up his name in the first place....
see also:
daron malakian
shavo odadjian
john dolymayan
WHO can believe you
by dan December 19, 2003
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