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Serj Tankian- One of the singers of System Of A Down or SoaD for short. If he isnt your idol then you may need to consider comitting suicide
Faggot: Im so glad SoaD is on an indefinate hiatus so that that guy with the weird hair,voice, and beard can get lost

Friend: Hey dude, if you dont go see a therapist soon about your problem you may kill yourself
Faggot: What?! Why

Friend: Well if you dont do it your self I might just have to kill you... Serj Tankian is on a level close to god... get over it
by likethinkpink August 28, 2008
the most beautiful, creative, multifaceted rock artist out there.
Serj Tankian of System of a Down is a remarkable musician.
by secondrenaissance February 20, 2004
Very wonderful lead vocalist for System of a Down!!!
by Laina September 26, 2003
The brilliant vocals in System of a Down.

Has a jolly good beard!!

A lovely poet.

Uses the phrase "and what not" a lot.

Fucking beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best singer/songwriter/poet in the world is Serj Tankian.
by SOAD rules December 23, 2003
A really talented man with a very beautiful face (have you seen him smile...makes me weak to think about it) and a voice that radiates passion. He is the most entertaining singer EVER!
Serj Tankian is IT!!
by BHEENHA January 10, 2004
Kick ass musician/singer for System Of A Down.

When he smiles, it makes my heart melt. ^_^
"Serj Tankian Is God"
by Emicat January 01, 2006
the lead singer of system of a down.
dont tell me you didnt know who he was. o, rite, thats why u looked up his name in the first place....
see also:
daron malakian
shavo odadjian
john dolymayan
WHO can believe you
by dan December 19, 2003