Serj Tankian's swing hip dance he does at the end of the System of a Down video, "SUGAR!"
uh, Serj's dance makes me cream my pants!!
by Urine May 12, 2003
Top Definition
A Dance Made by serj tankian of the mighty band SYSTEM OF A DOWN.....Bow down 2 the shakin serj(Serj Dance)
hey that dude who called serj gay is a fuckin asshole
by John Fru August 18, 2003
The best fuckin dance in the entire planet, because it was invented by Grandmaster Serj Tankian.
"Bow down before the King while he does his Serj Dance, and if you don't bow i'll light your mommy's saggy tits on fire, and make you put out the flames with your tongue you bitch," said Daron Malakian. Everyone learn the Serj Dance.
by fucky fuck fuck fucky fuck August 14, 2003
The dance that Serj Tankian does, because he's cool!
And at the end of the dance . . . . um it's . . .well . . . the end.
Serj rules, and so does the rest of SOAD!
by SOAD rules August 30, 2003
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