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A insecure girl that is not aware of her beauty. Serita is usually independent, strong and non forget ful. Serita is normally very artistic. Serita is known to love to goof off and can be serious at times and is very observent.
Dude thats defiantly a Serita move.
by MakeUpLoverr April 23, 2013
An extremely big headed girl that just can't stop tooting her own horn, can be jealous over nothing pretty much all the time. Is beautiful but knows it too well which can sometimes make her unattractive all round, very insecure at times but is a hardcore nymphomaniac when it comes to men which she is never in short supply of. This girl loves the bad boy type and will get down and dirty anywhere. She can often have delusions of grandeur but will never except she lives in her own world and not all people like her as much as she thinks. She likes to keep a small group of frenemies, and lives day to day from one drama to another and never takes good advice and never likes to be told shes wrong, but always quick to let everyone know there wrong.
Girl 1: "Hey that girl that sits at the back of my class kept arguing with teacher because she was sure the plural of sheep is sheep's"

Girl 2: " Well those 4 guys she screwed that week must of had the longest dicks ever and turned her brains to mush."

Girl1: " That bitch is so annoying, she is such a Serita"
by Wishing on a star May 12, 2016
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