a pronoun/adjective to be used when describing someting either tremendously awesome, or horrifying terrible. Commonly used at the end of a back-and-forth one-upping shouting match. Always the definitive, most powerful word in said argument, even though it often has no relation nor place in the argument.
"you're stupid"
"you're stupider"
"you're stupidest"
"you're stupid to infinity"
"you're SERGEI!!"
by Nick + Phil June 10, 2004
Top Definition
Adj- 1. Meaning very hot or attractive to the opposite sex; 2. Hot, Steamy, sexy
He was so Sergei
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
aaron stanford's very sexy russian character on third watch. officer sully's stepson, and tatiana's son. he was killed off in the episode judgement day.
that guy over there was almost as hot as sergei.
by Alira January 17, 2004
A very desperate, thirsty guy. He tries to be a player but he fails because every girl rejects him. He will hit on every single girl in your school, even the ones that he doesn't know. Girls in the younger grades, the older ones, the popular ones, the ones with boyfriends, you name it. Also including but not limited to, your mom, your grandma, your sister, your hot neighbour, married women, maybe even your dog. He will use really bad pick up lines on girls to try and trap them. If you see one, stay away.
"Don't go near Sergei, the guy his so thirsty, he needs a drink of water".
by Catlover2312 May 31, 2015
A person who doesn't care.
Person 1 - Hey man you wanna eat pizza for lunch?

Person 2 - ummmm I don't know, I sergei!!!
by fiddy March 11, 2005
Sergei is a word for a sexy beast, smart person, and strong man. Sergei is sexy, strong, and intelligent. Sergei is so sexy 30% of the girls in the world would do everything for Sergei, and the 30% are all hot.
"Is that SERGEI!?!"

"I wish i was a SERGEI"
by itcanberandom June 06, 2016
(Sirgay as well) A gay sir
Dude that was so gay. Of course Sergei the gay sir did that.
by dade45 November 07, 2013
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