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A Sergeant Pepper is when participating in anal sex with a female a man gets her on all fours and as he's about to ejaculate he whips out a pepper shaker places it under her nose causing her to have a sneezing fit thus tightening her muscles repeatedly around his penis.
I Sergeant Peppered that girl last night... she sneezed me into a mindblowing orgasm!
by Rose91 May 01, 2011
Nickname given to another person in a social setting to casually and delicately inform that person that he or she has food stuck between his or her teeth.
Me: "Liz, you are Sergeant Pepper."
Liz: "Really? I have food in my teeth?"
Me: "Yes. You have some pepper stuck between your top central incisors."
by jredman January 24, 2014
To cast pepper across a person's face immediately before he or she is about to orgasm, in an attempt to make him or her sneeze, and thereby intensify the aforementioned imminent orgasm.
I Sergeant Peppered my boyfriend last night and I'm still covered in multiple bodily fluids.

I tried to Sergeant Pepper her last night, but she just got a load of pepper in her eye.
by Lucy SoD April 21, 2008