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Originally hailing from the uncanny likeness to Osama Bin Ladens beard. When the genitalia of a male/female is evenly carpeted by a thick layer of scragly and/or greasy bush that hangs at least 6 inches. The smell of which compares to that of a nazi jew oven after a long day of cooking. It is also great for covering the following: puffy Vag lips, manginas, small shafts, Gaga balls, STD's, and last but not least the left over remains of last night's meal (these can serve as a tasty treat for your partner).
B****-"Dude I was about to nail Samantha but I couldnt even find her clam through that Serbian Beard."

T*****-"I know! That thick overgrowth is like an Amazon jungle. I swear I saw monkeys swinging from her Vag Vines."

B****-"At least i got free KFC out of it, but my crotch has been itchy lately..."
by B-beard&R-beard July 18, 2010
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