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Retard country that got pwned in WW2 when they went against Germany, Croatia went with Germany and helped with the killing of Serb Traitors which is the reason why Serbs and Croats hate each other.

But Serbia is country that cant tell its thumb from its dick and is a country the world could do without.

Croatia > Serbia
I could of mentioned Bosnia but its a weird country that condones child pornography.
by JamesWF February 01, 2005
a cocksucking faggot that took many peoples land and all slavs are fucking gay. they should all go back to siberia and fuck eachother. obiously the countrys that should control the balkans are, albania, romania, greece, and the true macedonia not the slavic bullshit that it is now.
Hey did you hear that a serbian died today?, Who gives a fuck they can all fucking die!
by Proud Illyrian March 06, 2005