One of the worlds racially superior countries belonging to the Slavic race. Along with Western Russians, Serbians are almost 100% Slavic and are therefore the most beautiful, intelligent and strong people.
All those other "slavs" think they are superior to but most of them are not pure like Serbs and Western Russians

serbia rules
by slavia34 February 18, 2008
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Serbia is a perfect example of what happens when you give white trash their own state.

The name of the country is derived from the Latin "servus" which means "slave". Starting out as "that one sh*tty state nobody cares about" and still holding the tittle to this very day, Serbian history is filled with wars which they gloriously lost against Hungarians, Bulgarians, Ottomans, Croats and NATO. During all of this, the proud Serbian people proudly stood there and gloriously took it from behind. Serbs, however, believe they actually won these wars and so they celebrate them passionately.

Indeed, this is the one country that deserves Russian reversal jokes more tan Russia.

Serbs also have a very rich culture. It's called Turbofolk and it's the stuff that makes wet hippo farts look like literature. Serbs drink rakia which is a Bulgarian drink but don't tell them that or they'll switch to vodka and become Russians.

The Serbian national anthem is as follows:
Ja sam cigan
vozim tractore
volim kurac
Serb: We started 4 wars in less than 10 years, shot down 1 plane when NATO bombed the sh*t out of Serbia and we celebrate these losses! Yes, we are THAT stupid!

Normal person: ...

Serb: Ja volim ruski kurac
Russian: Is that some gypsy-mixed Russian dialect or are you just retarded?
by ProudFyromian August 30, 2012
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Very dumb country where its citizens mostly don't like non-Orthodox and non-Serbs, and where definitely Muslims are disliked. Belgrade, Serbian capital, was the only city during the WW II where 4 (no mistake: four) concentration camps existed. Besides, during that times Belgrade was one of "Juden frei" cities (city where no Jew left).

Serbs had significant part in collaboration with Axis forces: they had Milan Nedic, who was a kind of domestic "gauleiter" of Serbia, appointed by Nazi Germans.
Milan Nedic said: "No Jews can live in Serbia, part of New Europe"
by Srboljub August 30, 2008
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why do you have to be so fucking racist you stupid fucking "proud illyrian" where the fuck is illyria now any way! you dumb shit its now called dalmatia and unless you realized the greeks don't fucking run it any more! they only did thousands of years ago!
whats wrong with you?! are you jealous becuase croatia is no longer illyrian and hasn't been for thousands of years?!
by Mala April 05, 2005
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People who migrated from tribal parts of Asia and created Serbia. They are known for starting many wars in the past and caused WW1 and somewhat caused WW2, they got their asses whooped in every war they started. An average Serb hates anyone who is not white/christian, they are a race of mentally retarded people who are insanely jealous of countries like Albania,Turkey,etc. They also think they are Balkans when they aren't even close to resembling them physically and historically. They tried to cause an ethnic cleansing in Kosovo of non-Serbs and got their asses whooped by USA. Also they think that their mafia is bad ass even when people barely heard of the Serbian mafia because it is shit and not really worth mentioning, people of Serbia think their mafia is great even though they make their country look like crap. They have a tendency of picking on countries who either are developing/ just finished war but when Serbia attacks them like spineless pussys they get owned by other NATO who bombs the crap out of them.

They are basically jealous shitheads who start wars and lose them and also think they are Balkans when they aren't.
Serbia Crap Retards Lose every war
by robokomo09 July 22, 2010
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a cocksucking faggot that took many peoples land and all slavs are fucking gay. they should all go back to siberia and fuck eachother. obiously the countrys that should control the balkans are, albania, romania, greece, and the true macedonia not the slavic bullshit that it is now.
Hey did you hear that a serbian died today?, Who gives a fuck they can all fucking die!
by Proud Illyrian March 06, 2005
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NAme for one country,east from Germany,west from Greece...
Serbia and MOntenegro do not exist any more..remember that!
And,yes argentina : serbia = 6:0....shame on us :)
by lesandro November 03, 2006
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