The first country to be "Juden frei" (In August 1942, Dr. Harald Turner) by collaborating with Nazis (Mihail Stanisic, The collaboration of Draza Mihailovic's Chetniks with the enemy forces of occupation, 1976)
Serbia didn't want to pass the 6month direction of Yougoslavia once Tito died. Serbian traitors started war in Croatia because they did want to rule them. Same Serbian killed 15 000 people in ONE night in Srebrenica a Bosnian town and invaded Bosnia until they stole part of their land And finally, deported thousands of albanians and killed 15 000 of them in 1999.
Oh yes, UN, precised that Serbia is representing 85% of war criminals accused people, that is why especially was created the TPIY for all those fukerz.
Chetniks are representing Serbia. The best smugglers, killers rapers in the world, though they are supported by orthodox church.
Serbia is a democratic country that loves his ultra nationalist and vote for extremist. Serbia is a coward country supported by their Russians brother
did they ever said sorry for killing?
Stop finding excuses. Facts are facts. U killed hundreds, and u all pay soon.
Dragan from serbia says: Im from Serbia, so all neighbourhood is my bitch
Bosnian, Slovenian, Croatian and Albanian says: go fuckurself with ur gay greek brothers. U'll never get what is ours
So dragan decided to kill Bosnian in 1992 and rape an albanian child of 14years old in 1999 to prove he is a man
But now dragan is sucking Russia's cock because no one likes them and can prevent them from the ultimate judgment
by Dardan December 20, 2007
A pathetic shithole on the balkans which thinks that it has a more glorious history that any other balkan nation.

They were only a power under Stephan Dushan but
Bulgaria has dominated the balkans 4 times and 2 times has been a major power in Europe in the middle ages.
By the time the bulgarians had a big and glorious country,developed literacy and made the cyrilic alphabet(which Serbia also uses!) the serbians were a stinky horde.

Not to mention that serbian lands were 3 times under the rule of the bulgarians in the middle ages.
Their second pride is that they won the second balkan war.That's all.
Idiot:Serbia has the most glorious history!
Bulgarian:read some history you idiot.And then go fight terrorists while bulgaria goes to the european union.
by Nemski October 29, 2006
Serbia is the armpit of the world
Oh yeah, they also lost every war they ever fought
Serbia = shit as the suck
by kone March 02, 2005
A country in the balkan. Part of the former yoguslavia. Mostly known as warmaking country over territory pretending among other countries, by wars in the last decate. The only main activity of this country is killing and masacre making among innocent people. It's main goal is finding small countries to fight with. Theirs former president is in the hague trial with his high-ranking military chiefs. This country has a critical political stability with their prime minister murdered among some mounths ago. The people of this country are known as brutal and racism is a natural feeling. Not much to say else, this country is known whole over the world for its news full of violence.
News: war in balkan, as always Serbia in the conflict ...
by goldboy April 29, 2005
Very dumb country where its citizens mostly don't like non-Orthodox and non-Serbs, and where definitely Muslims are disliked. Belgrade, Serbian capital, was the only city during the WW II where 4 (no mistake: four) concentration camps existed. Besides, during that times Belgrade was one of "Juden frei" cities (city where no Jew left).

Serbs had significant part in collaboration with Axis forces: they had Milan Nedic, who was a kind of domestic "gauleiter" of Serbia, appointed by Nazi Germans.
Milan Nedic said: "No Jews can live in Serbia, part of New Europe"
by Srboljub August 30, 2008
i wouldnt call them rumors. i call them facts.
"serbia a country like no other"?

more like "a hole like no other"
by sxycro September 08, 2004
the best country ever
the best and the most beautiful country in the whole entire world and richest. with most gorgeous guys and the most nicest people ever. i am from there! So to u albanians and croats fuck ur moms and your dads. albania and Croatia we will kick ur ass big time. we dont like u go join the world of people with no religion and no beleifs. you are not worth anything, not even one penny. albania is the worst country in the world with the most stinky people that live like pigs.
by serbiandiva December 31, 2003

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