Needs to rejoin the SFRJ.
Man when Serbia was a part of SFRJ, we were unstoppable!
by SlavicSuperman October 27, 2009
A region of southeast Europe, comprising most of the former country of Yugoslavia. Serbs settled in the area in the 6th through 7th century, were Christianized in the 9th century, and formed an independent kingdom in the 13th century. Defeated at Kosovo Field (1389), the Serbs fell under Turkish domination, which ended when Serbia was granted full independence in 1878. The new kingdom of Serbia gained territory and power during the Balkan wars (1912-1913). After the assassination (1914) of Archduke Francis Ferdinand by a Serbian nationalist, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, sparking World War I. In 1918 Serbia became a major constituent of the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, which was later (1929) renamed Yugoslavia. Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina declared independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, leading to war with Serbia. In 1992 Serbia and Montenegro formed a new republic.
Note: this is an accurate description, and is not some bull shit made up by a croatian dickhead
by Grono August 07, 2005
Damn ,. best country in the world , so amazing and beutiful , lovee to visit it , and has the BEST FOOD EVER.

and very attractive people . and novi sad is a very beutilful city , and Partzan
*girl sees a serbian boy*

*is thinking : HOLY SHIT THATS THE HOTTEST THING EVER. too bad i can never have him :((( *
by HotSerbChick November 20, 2010
A lovely country against which has people that just love to write shit about Croatia, just deepening the differences and conflicts. Even now, when no normal person thinks any less of Serbs just because they are Serbs, they have this need to ensure the world that they are the good guys... When they're just the same as Croats. Wars have no winners.

Also, the homeland of Stefan Kapičić.
I'm going to Serbia.
Those Serbs look hot... To bad they're seventeen and shitting about a war they know nothing about.
by TinkerBellCro January 17, 2012
Serbia is amazing.

HotGirl:Hey im serbian

Dude:Will you do me?

by Serbia. December 05, 2010
A Country of great beauty, far greater than all of it's neighbors, Croatia & Albania in particular! Serbia is a land of great history, handsome men and gorgeous women! A country of intellectuals and athletes. Serbia exceeds in intellect and championship trophies! What has Albania won? Nothing except the title of ugliest people in the world! Serbia is feared by all, for the mere fact that our boys are braver and more clever than any shiptar or ustasha that comes alog. yeahhhhhh SERBs! SERBS are simply the most beautiful, intelligent, athletic, & feared people in the world. SERBIA rocks my socks off and all of you pay no attention to the negative remarks about Serbia! And also KOSOVO IS SERBIA so ignore all the fucks that tell you different!!! and also KRAJINA is gonna become part of SERBIA again you wait and see! SERB POWER!!! SERBIA IS THE HEART OF THE BALKANS!!!!
Serbia is awesome!
Kosovo is Serbia! all you other bitches suck itttt!!!
by Proud to Be a SERB!!! December 04, 2006
The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes was formed in 1918; its name was changed to Yugoslavia in 1929. Occupation by Nazi Germany in 1941 was resisted by various paramilitary bands that fought themselves as well as the invaders. The group headed by Marshal Tito took full control upon German expulsion in 1945. Although Communist, his new government successfully steered its own path between the Warsaw Pact nations and the West for the next four and a half decades. In the early 1990s, post-Tito Yugoslavia began to unravel along ethnic lines: Slovenia, Croatia, and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia all declared their independence in 1991; Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. The remaining republics of Serbia and Montenegro declared a new "Federal Republic of Yugoslavia" (FRY) in 1992 and, under President Slobodan Milosevic, Serbia led various military intervention efforts to unite Serbs in neighboring republics into a "Greater Serbia." All of these efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. In 1999, massive expulsions by FRY forces and Serb paramilitaries of ethnic Albanians living in Kosovo provoked an international response, including the NATO bombing of Serbia and the stationing of NATO and Russian peacekeepers in Kosovo. Federal elections in the fall of 2000, brought about the ouster of Milosevic and installed Vojislav Kostunica as president. The arrest of Milosevic in 2001 allowed for his subsequent transfer to the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Hague to be tried for crimes against humanity. In 2001, the country's suspension was lifted, and it was once more accepted into UN organizations under the name of Yugoslavia. Kosovo has been governed by the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) since June 1999, under the authority of UN Security Council Resolution 1244. In 2002, the Serbian and Montenegran components of Yugoslavia began negotiations to forge a looser relationship. These talks became a reality in February 2003 when lawmakers restructured the country into a loose federation of two republics called Serbia and Montenegro. An agreement was also reached to hold a referendum in each republic in three years on full independence.

Ed. Note: The two tools who are hung up on being so damned anti-american need to lighten up and visit the place before they unfairly judge 281 million people based soley on what country they live in.
Comment submitted with request to Delete: "this "information" is COMPLETELY inaccurate for the countries, the dates and the events are all mixed up..please delete this in efforts of more misunderstandings to be forged between the people of Serbia, Croatia and the rest of the former yugoslavia"
by C:dub April 28, 2003

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