The country which kicks ass, one of the bravest countries of the world. Defended what belonged to them ignored the shitty rumours that where spread by there enemies to this day it has had more action than most countries.
Dont mess with Serbs, if you do you will shit yourself.
by DOB December 19, 2003
Serbia is located in the Balkans (South East Europe). It borders with Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Romania. Serbia has access to the Adriatic through Montenegro, and the Danube River provides shipping access to inland Europe and the Black Sea.
Serbia's terrain ranges of fertile plains in the northern Vojvodina region, limestone ranges and basins in the east, and, in the southeast, ancient mountains and hills. The north is dominated by the Danube River. Morava River, flows through the more mountainous southern regions.
The Serbian climate varies between a continental climate in the north, with cold winters and hot humid summers, and a more Adriatic climate in the south with hot dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall inland. Serbia has lots of culture, not just in Serbia but in other parts of former Yugoslavia and other places around the world. Alot of Serbian culture comes mostly from thier arts and music. The Byzantine Empire had a strong influence in the Middle Ages on the Serb Orthodox Church. Serbian culture fell into decline during five centuries as it was apart of the Ottoman Empire. Serbia got its independence in 1878 from the Ottoman empire and there was an increase of Serbian culture in the nineteenth century.

Area: 88,000 sq. km. (now 102,000 sq. km including Montenegro)
Capital City: Belgrade
Population of Serbia:
Vojvodina: 2.2 million
Central Serbia: 5.5 million
Kosovo and Metohija: 2.1 million
Total Population: 9.8 million

Main cities and its Population:
Belgrade (Capital city): 1.6 million
Novi Sad: 300,000
Priština: 250,000
Niš: 235,000
Kragujevac: 175,000
Subotica: 150,000
by SerbianPatriot October 07, 2005

cmon people we all know that


kako moze biti peder u srbiji?
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serbia rules the world of hot chicks
by mateja360 January 02, 2008
Serbia has a rich cultural heritage ranging from the remains of the oldest human settlement Lepenski Vir, 7000 years old, through the Neolithic site at Vinca, Roman and Byzantine edifices, Tabula Trajana, Gamzigrad, the Belgrade Fortress, Petrovaradin Fortress, to medieval monasteries with their unique architecture and fresco paintings of outstanding beauty from golden age of Serbia in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Belgrade, the capital and the "soul" of modern Serbia, is situated at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube. In the course of its long history it has been captured 60 times, and razed to the ground at least 38 times; however every time it got leveled to the ground the city had arisen from its ashes, like a phoenix- which is a legend connected to the city. Today, it is a modern city of about 2 million inhabitants. To visitors Belgrade offers its rich programme of cultural, artistic and sports events, many museums, cultural and historic monuments. With the Sava Congress Centre and numerous hotels, Belgrade has become one of the major congress and convention centres in Europe.

Many mineral spring and a large number of well-appointed spas with a long tradition of use going as far back as Roman times, are an important feature of Serbia's tourism. In terms of the number of springs and the quality of the waters these spas are famous in Europe.

The combination of natural factors and medical methods in Serbia's modern and specialized centres yields remarkable results in treatment and rehabilitation. Almost all of the spas are situated at the foot of mountains surrounded by wooded hills, and have a mild climate.
golden age of serbia, truly reflects the outstanding beauty which ranges from the 12th and 13th centuries.
by siiizzerb February 27, 2008
A native or inhabitant of Serbia. Or a person of Serbian descent.
Reasons why you should be proud of Serbia and to be Serbian:

You are Orthodox (first Christian faith)
the Adriatic Coast (Serbia & Montenegro)
Even if you were born in any country; you still can say that you are Serbian
Greatest genius of all time Nicola Tesla- inventor of electricity (a Serb born in Croatia)
Famous inventors, doctors, athletes, and singers
Soccer team (Red Star Belgrade, one of the greatest soccer teams in all time)
Handball team
Waterpollo team
Basketball (Basketball champions of the world 2002)
Well-educated people
Slava (saint day, orthodox tradition)
Nice friendly people
good food (healthy)
People that defended their own country and what was theirs
Great music
They aren't racists (even though many people are towards Serbia because they don’t have it’s culture and history)
No matter what they try, they never give up and win in the end
Know every Serb around them
unique Language
Respect their language and traditions
Red, blue, white and the cross with four c’s in the middle (flag)
would die for their family and country
Even if they were born anywhere in the world they are Serbian, they still know the Serbian from language and traditions
Know the the truth and always be proud of where you come from
Serbia and Montenegro have one of the most beautiful cities in the World (Belgrade, Budva)
You are allowed to eat Pork (except for when you are fasting, orthodox tradition)
by CrnaStrela September 04, 2005
Serbia is a brave and heroic country wich is why so many people are jelous and hate Serbia. Serbia has played crucial role in allies victory throughout the first and second world wars. Serbia fought and one three major wars, the First and Second Balkan War as well as World War One. Serbs have fought to free Serbia first from Turkish occupation, then from Bulgarian and from combined Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarian and German occupation. In all the three wars the Serbs showed extreme heroism and endurance. Many years later when "Macedonia" was to secede from Yugoslavia in 1992 (Macedonia was Serbian land before WWI) not one shot was fired. The explanation for this is the fact that in the civil wars of 1990's the Serbs NEVER fought to "grab other people's lands." The lie that the Serbs were "landgrabbers" (and not defenders of their ancient lands and property) was repeated, by the Western propaganda. In recent wars the Serbs fiercely fought only on territories where they felt that their population will be maltreated (In Croatia & Bosnia) by the new powers that are to take control over those lands. In Eastern Orthodox Macedonia there was no such threat for Eastern Orthodox Serbs.
Note: that Croats and Slovenes asked the Serbs after world war one, the victorious side in the World War to accept them into the union. The Serbs did NOT form "Great Serbia", they treated Croats and Slovenes as equal (The serbs later named the country Yugoslavia instead of Serbia, which is fiar). This, despite the fact that many Croats and Muslims fought with the enemy (Austria-Hungaria), and many of them committed atrocities on the defenceless population of Serbia during its occupation by the enemy troops. The Serbs were prepared to forgive.

The Serbs achieved their war aim after world war one. They have liberated other South Slavs. They did it at tremendous price to their population. The Serbs had invested TWO Serbian states into Yugoslavia. Croats and Slovenes invested nothing.
by Serbiaisthebestfucktherest September 22, 2005
A country that could kick Croatia's ass anytime, anywhere
Croatian: Oh, no! It's Serbia! Run!
by Serbian January 06, 2004
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