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This is not an insult to Serbs or their grammar! It's actually a slanger word for Illiterate people that post on internet.

See,Serbian language is one of the hardest to learn but its writing is very simple: "Read as you write,write as you read", as their late-medival grammar reformist Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic told it.

Even thou most,if not all, people that fit in the definition of "Serb spellers" never heard of Vuk, how Serbs spell,or even of Serbia, they still use their writing method in the ENGLISH grammar.

P.S. "S.S.S." (Stop Serb Spelling) is getting increasingly popular as a slanger word to illeterate people.
Person1: I bin tinking hou iz dis kul???

Person 2: I've been thinking, how is this cool? ***

Person 1: okej!! :P

Person 2: Stop Serb Spelling! (S.S.S.)
by Nikola-Tesla August 29, 2011
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