An insult of the highest degree, used to describe someone who enjoys taking it up the ass and fucks sheep in his spare time (which is all the time).
Man, I hate that twat.
Yeah, he totally is a seppy.
by SkaraMog July 30, 2006
Top Definition
Probably the coolest person in existance at the current date, May 7th, 2006. Never since Jesus met Cassanova was there this much pimpage in a single social setting.
Also used as slang meaning "Person worthy of worship and adoration."
You're alright, but you arent a Seppy.
Oh man, Tom got a threesome last night, he is the official Seppy of the week.
by Adam the Pimp May 07, 2006
Australian slang when referring to Americans.
Septic Tanks = Yanks.
Those seppies in the lineup at Snapper Rocks was super annoying this morning.
by donnerdag October 25, 2013
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