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1. To re-touch or apply a full face of cosmetics from the testers at Sephora without making a purchase. While it is perfectly legal to do so, the consequences range include being stalked by Sephora employees who suspect criminal activity, contracting an eye infection from a contaminated mascara vessel or smelling like you had a head-on collision with the Cody fragrance truck.

2. To request prepared samples of cosmetics or other beauty products from Sephora without making a purchase. This is also perfectly legal but can have similar consequences to the first definition, especially when done everyday.
1. I forgot my makeup bag, so when I finished my work-out, I went down the block to Sephornicate before I met up with the Silver Fox for dinner. He told me I looked beautiful.

2. As much as I love how it smells, I can't afford a bottle of CoCoaShaNell Eau de Poisson, so my friend and I go once a week to Sephornicate some.
by MrsSilverFox March 31, 2011
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