Something That Does Not Make Sense
Example 1: Anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Example 2:

10:22 PM - ¢a$h |Boozled|: my mate bought some game
10:22 PM - ¢a$h |Boozled|: and hes like
10:22 PM - Andiee: what
10:22 PM - Andiee: stop being sentry
10:22 PM - Andiee: and make sense
by Boozled August 08, 2009
Top Definition
A guardian warrior of religon, to guard, or the act of being a guardian.
(1)The sentry stands alone, waiting for an enemy to come to close and fight.
(2)Is their a sentry lock on the doorknob.
(3)That empty car in the way provided a good sentry against the oncoming bus at the crowd of people.
by Mairsil October 10, 2008
Gaming term for any fully autonomous stationary weapon, or Sentry Turret. They have featured in many FPSs, most notably in the Valve games.
Spy sappin mah Sentry!
by Parsefone February 06, 2008
l33t Urban Terror killing machine whose hax are better than yours
sentry will keel j00
by Mr Sentry October 28, 2004
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