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A beautiful, creative and talented individual who is very radiant yet down to earth. Many people admire Senny from afar, too nervous to approach the seemingly perfect being God has bestowed upon the earth.
Person 1: Omg there's Senny! *points* Should I say hello?

Person 2: You're drooling again.
by urbdicnary December 15, 2010
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Nickname for the quality audio brand Sennheiser
I got a really good pair of Sennies today, the quality is immense.
by Das Eis Konig October 13, 2012
A 17 year old from worcester, a small town in england, worldly known for making worcestershire sauce
Senny is a cool dood
by Senny August 01, 2003
Likes making docks, and selling hot dogs.
Sen stands in his store and repeats "Buy my dog, Buy my dog, Buy my dog."
by Phil March 27, 2003
A very very bitter kid from the projects in the west side of India. He has a tendancy to flip out at any instant and at anyone. He is only not bitter when he remembers to take his bitter pills. He can be seen spending many of his worthless time down at the river. No he doesnt even have a van downt at the river he lives on his dock. Then in the afternoon he is seen rowing in an eight and sinking his boat. Never approach the senny because he very very very bitter and may shake you in a violent way.
Senny scream from tropical senny.
by Russ Adams March 27, 2003
Sen likes to eat yambag.
Sen cried when the cat ate the yambag first.
by Phil March 27, 2003

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