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A malaysian homosexual boy living in the suburbs of perth, with a tendecy to stalk on young men and forcefully engaging them in bizzare sexual activites, including snowballing and pillow-biting.

Also known for his tendecy to flash his butt cheeks on his personal webcam and his fetish for plastic trolls asses.
Commonly sighted at jerk-circle groups around Australia.
by ikz :D August 03, 2004
59 71
Hottest stud who can sexually please you in every way possible.
That vibrator is good, but it ain't no seng.
by effinstud March 18, 2009
77 21
The hottest girl in the K-Dub. Hussled my ass at pool.
"That girl is pretty hot, but she ain't no Seng!".
by rQ_Tek519 December 19, 2004
30 35