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Someone who wants to give up eating red meat but isn't crazy enough to give up the best red meats like philly cheesesteak, fillet mignon, or bacon.
"I can't eat that Wendy's burger but I can eat a Philly cheesesteak because I'm a semi-vegetarian.
by David the Punisher November 20, 2009
a complete moron for using the word to define their diet. a person who eats only some types of meat, yet still has the nerve to label themselves. they eat fish or birds, but no cows, pigs, whatever. somehow they think that the big animals are animals, and the little ones are plants. they aren't strong enough to eliminate all meats from their diet like real vegetarians.
'yea i eat chicken and fish, but i wanna sound cool so i'll say i'm a 'type' of vegetarian'
by emohammers February 18, 2004