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The final word in all things pimp.
Semi On slapped her ass, bent her over backwards and kissed her navel.
by ArsHole August 22, 2003
Halfway between a hard on and a totally flaccid penis. Interestingly, the semi-on is becoming rarer and rarer in today's society, eclipsed as it is by the boner and the laredo. The semi-on's natural habitat is middle school and high school locker rooms, where it is created by young boys in an effort to demonstrate their virility. Intriguingly it is often understood as a sign of faggotry, resulting in a beat down for the perpetrator rather than the expected admiration.

Other times the semi-on can occur include:

* When the individual is too drunk to support a full erection,
* When the individual is somewhat aroused but controlling the feelings and suppressing the erection,
* When the individual is interrupted during sexual activity (or thoughts) but was turned on enough that the erection did not immediately disappear.

Occasionally the word is used as a pejorative to describe individuals who are somewhere between being flaccid cocks and total dicks.
Jimmy masturbated a bit before showering with the other boys: he wanted to look his best in front of everyone. He proudly entered the shower flaunting his semi-on. Later that night, surgeons were unfortunately unable to completely reattach Jimmy's left testicle, as its trip through the sewage system had left it in a rather poor condition.

Davan's grandmother surprised him nude: he tried to hide his excitement, but ended up with a semi-on.

After thirteen beers, John was only able to manage a rather pitiful semi-on, even as the dancer gyrated her hips in his lap.

That moderator is such a Semi On: he never takes a stance on anything, but still comes off as a total dick.

Though Derek was shocked by the interruption of the entrance of Laura's, his semi-on quite handily demonstrated his continued interest in sexual activity.
by SMRTA! August 22, 2003
The Man With One Eyebrow
Semi On si drnka agian.
by Anonymous August 23, 2003