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A game played by 2 or more people, with two 'skittles' (empty plastic 500ml bottles - preferably of the same beverage) and a roll of Sellotape (preferably official product).
The pitch may be anywhere from 10 - 15 metres long and may be of any surface, but should be flat. The width of the pitch is unimportant and neither is the prevalence of obstacles, as long as all players, and the umpire, agree before commencing play.
The objective of the game is to roll the Sellotape, from behind your own skittle at the other players'/team's skittle. The first player/team to reach 10/5 points is the winner. The Sellotape must roll before hitting the skittle, the umpire is the final judge on whether the Sellotape has rolled sufficiently - the current rule of thumb being half the length of the pitch.
Fancy a game of Sellotape skittles?
by Ian Dean November 21, 2007
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