gorgeous Philippino who loves pringles and toaster strudel. His a rockin hot body, is usually found around tall, white men. A seline is always the life of the party, even though she tends to disappear a lot. She is an amzing girl who is a great listener but watch out, she's got some attitude. A Seline is pretty much the shit.
Yo man, did you see the Seline? She's the shit!
by brickergurl November 02, 2010
A beautiful.hispanic girl who is everything you hope to ever seek in a girl. Sometimes she can be physical but you like and so does she. She always seems to out smart you and you always find it cute. Selines is a wonderful girl who should always be loved by the right guy.
Friend A : Damn you see that girl over there Gerald.

Gerald :Yeah thats a Selines over there
by StonerG July 23, 2014
a girl that is weird and is gay
That girl looks like shes a seline.
by vincentmui April 12, 2009

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