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Originally used to refer to a picture of yourself, taken by yourself.

'Selfie' now refers to a picture taken by anyone at all with literally any amount of people in it, provided you (the uploader) are in it as well.
You: "el oh el cute selfie of me and my entire graduation cohort"

"Getting real tired of your shit Samantha"
by Ahhhh Brock September 12, 2014
A style of taking a photograph that allows you to avoid asking a stranger: "Will you please take my picture?"
I am not gonna hand my iPhone to that creepy guy. I will just take a selfie instead.
by row-hit_meta September 05, 2014
the act of taking your own picture
Max took a selfie while in the toilet.
by cold_eyes May 31, 2014
A modern style of taking pictures. Made in 2014. The person holds a phone or camera showing just their face. Other friends can join in too. "Selfies with strangers" is where you take a selfie with a stranger anywhere. Selfies can be found at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other modern-day friendly website.
Hey, look! Jerry just took a selfie. Let me favorite his selfie on Instagram.
by Ultraf0xDictionary July 13, 2014
When one takes a photo of poop coming out of their own buttonhole with a Motorola Razr.
My battery died, can I use your phone? I've been taking way to many selfies with my Motorola Razr.
by Bobbyhacker July 09, 2014
Proof that the human genome is gradually degrading. This Bieber generation term is used to describe a photo taken by a person wielding a smartphone, with their pre-teen friend twerking in the background.
Not really considered an actual word by anyone with an IQ higher than 5, Selfie/Selfy is really more of a sound. A fucking horrible sound.
Jess: I'm'a take a selfie
John: Somebody take this bitch's phone.
by Chainsaw 0352 June 26, 2014
A trend that was started by beautiful looking but shy women who wanted to show off their true glamour and receive compliments for it on Blog and social media sites. This trend has now sadly been commandeered by beer swigging male college jocks that want to take stupid pictures of themselves showing off and post it online. Sometime meme's are added to make the picture seem funny or make a point.
Have you heard that cool song 'Lemme take a selfie' ?

There are many celebrities posting selfies on their blogs.
by Goth Doll May 31, 2014