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Someone who comes from some origin rich or poor, and against all odds, breaks out of his inherited social position, climbs up the social ladder and creates a new identity for himself.
Paris Hilton is a SelfMade woman, comes from a Rich Family, and her name nowadays is brand of perfume, clothes, etc.

We can say Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, lil Wayne, Diddy, but the important is the success of the individual, if he is realized, he can consider himself SelfMade.

The origin doesn't matter, what matters is be prepared to obstacles on his way for your own future and his family, be SelfMade to get his object.
by Patrick Bonder October 27, 2011
Self made is when someone who acquires their wealth/success on their own and do not inherit or win it. It takes time and persistence to become successful and if you've put in the work then that's declared self made.
John: Aye man look at that fool drivin round his dads rolls royce
Joe: Naw dawg you trippin hes a self made hustler.
by YoungestHustla September 15, 2013

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