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A Self-Proclaimed beauty is someone defines themselves as being really cool, chill, funny, a party animal, people always wanna be around you, everyone wants to be your friend, etc...But most of time, people who call themselves a beauty are not actually beauties. They are wannabes, they think they wheel, they think they snipe and they think they party. A beauty is a hockey related slang.
A Self-Proclaimed Beauty says :
Man im such a beauty.
Everyone loves me, im sucha beauty.
Girls want me, im a beauty.
I banged her ftb because im a beauty.
Ihave 70 kills, I am a beauty.

I am Richard Greico, the pizza deliver and Squarantz, the chubby chaser. We are beauties
#beauty #gongshow #wheeling #hockey #partying
by carlos1992 December 08, 2012
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