A famous movie star in Gone With The Mind. Her character is a leading role that ends up in a straight jacket institutionalized. After she's released from the mental ward, she simply goes back to her old ways of bar hopping, fist fights with a figment of her imagination, and sometimes will throw blows with grown men. The movie ends with her reinstitutionalized from having yet another fight with a figment of her imagination. Her condition is also known as bat shit crazy.
"I can't stand your ex, I'm gonna kick her ass!", said Selena. "Who? There's no one there and why do you insist on being bat shitty crazy?", said her petrified boyfriend of less than 2 weeks.
by Raiders!!!!!!! April 02, 2011
The coolest bitch. Shes bad ass as hell. Talk shit expect to get hit. Hot. Pretty. Beautiful. Don't hate. She's nice to everyone. Hates drama. And bitches. The complete oppostie from a hoe/slut/whore. Get it right.
" Gosh, Selena is so nice."
" Why all these girls hatin'?"
by LenaJae July 19, 2009
Memorialized in music and film, Mexican-American Tejano music singer Selena was the first Latina to become an American pop icon. Selena was poised to cross into the lucrative English language pop music market, but tragedy abruptly ended her bright career.

Her untimely death gave her legendary status in the United States and Mexico. She is considered one of the most popular and influential Latino musicians.
Selena is credited with helping open the door to the American mainstream for Latin artists, and was instrumental in launching the career of Jennifer Lopez.
by rollingstone April 11, 2006
One of the best Latin artists ever. She was the first woman to become a Tejano singer, which consisted of men. Her band consisted of her family, friends, and husband, Chris Perez. She sold many record world wide....She was killed by her fan club president on March 31, 1995, but her music and memory lives on...
Some of Selena's best songs were Dreaming of You, Coma la flor, amor prohibido, and bidi bidi bom bom.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e November 08, 2005
A Selena is a loyal, quiet, and good natured person. A confidant and a partner in crime. See Bonnie and Clyde. You can always find a Selena dressed to the 9 and lookin fine. See Sleek Selena. She is SO nice, sweet, and makes time for anyone who looks in her peripheral direction. See Sexy Time. A real breath of fresh air.
by madmommy December 12, 2010
A cute girl, in a certain case, the cutest girl in the world that is always nice and honest with people. A Selena always has an adorable attitude towards anything in life and tends to make people fall in love with her. A secret power Selenas tend to have is the ability to make boys act and talk like children with her. She makes boys say things like "I LAV YOU CUTIE", "mwah" and "rawr".
"Selena has many secret admirerernessness"
"Selena always breaks my heart but I still lav her very mach"
by Anonymous8440 April 06, 2010
A name of a Goddess, who is beautiful, powerful and possesses amazing strength. Her smile and words of wisdom brings inner peace to anyone around her. Her heart is pure and her soul is giving. She is humorous and dedicated. Her green eyes are captivating and they speak the language of love and want. She is a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm.
The world should have more Selena to create inner peace.
by Pinky33 September 26, 2012
Usually a sweet looking girl. Usually with black or dark hair. Hopeless romantic. Very emotional. Can be on the naughty side. This girl is here to have fun and get her fairy tale. Be aware of Selena. She may look sweet and fun but when it comes to boys she will stab you in the back with a knife if your not her best friend. She will say what she needs and do what she needs to get get you as far away from her man or her crush. Don't be surprised if she tells you one thing and the guy the other. And if you do get on her bad side she will make sure to destroy your reputation. This girl can never be fully trusted by another girl.
Well Selena doesn't want me and him to be so close anymore, or at all....it sucks
by BlueNavy July 12, 2011

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