Selena Gomez was a former Disney star from the show Wizards Of Waverly Place, one of the last decent Disney shows still aired on Disney Channel. Selena is a decent person who is letting her feet off the ground, to grow her image to her age. She's starring in a new movie called Spring Breakers, which is not really age appropriate for her current audience. In my opinion, she's shifting and taking it slow, which is a good thing, and not rushing to adulthood. Great job Selena, and keep it up.

Regular Person: "Bitch please, I don't even care about her and I'm pretty sure she's not a slut. She's GROWING UP, and you're just jealous because she's only dating Justin Bieber."
by A person on a planet. September 04, 2012
She is a great actress and is better then her friend Demi Lovato. The only problem is her singing which sounds like she's talking most of the time. But she is much better than Miley Cyrus that terrible person.
Selena Gomez is hot

She is a great actress and a alright singer

She is better than Miley Cyrus
by SelenaFan588 December 06, 2009
Justin Bieber's girlfriend
Teen heart-throb Justin Bieber was spotted with girlfriend Selena Gomez.
by knfjsdkvsf October 25, 2011
proof that you don't need talent to become a singer
A: "Taylor Swift can't sing."
B: "Yeah, just like Selena Gomez."
by somebodyyyyyy May 15, 2013
a teen actress who is a disney star. she is 18 and looks like shes fucken 12.
selena gomez has a baby face big time
by baka kuso yaro April 08, 2011
I don't understand why so many people hate her. She is very pretty and a MILLION times better then that slut "Hannah Montanna" Miley IthinkIamallthatandabagofshit. Selena is a talented actress but I do agree she isnt the best singer but she is still good. She is one of the few Disney teen stars that has a good head and heart and sticks to her Texas roots.
People who hate her: Selena Gomez is a slut!
Me: What has she done to show she is a slut?

People who hate her: Selena Gomez is the next Miley!
Me: What has she done to PROVE that?

People who hate her: Selena Gomez is...
Me: Shut the fuck up! Selena Gomez hasn't done a damn thing to prove that she is a slut or she is the next Miley. Fuck you son of a bitches and get a life.
by ThexMusicxSlut August 22, 2009
Justin Bieber's cover-up.
Justin Bieber is very gay and uses Selena Gomez as a cover-up.

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