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(sēz thuh deez) - A way to tell a person that you usually know to "Seize the Deez", "Seize" referring to the grasp (usually sucking) of "Deez" referring to "Deez Nuts."

It is usually used as a come-back to an insult or joke. It can substitute "Carpe Diem" with "Carpe Diezem" and it can also be used to Ryhme.

- For Example
Friend 1 - Hey I just realized your ass looks like Money Mike from "Friday after Next." hahaha.

Friend 2 - Fuck you man, Seize the Deez. At least I don't look like a down syndrome ol' retarted ass child.

Friend 1 - Touché bitch... Touché.


Seize the Deeze on your knees please
by Swoodc2 October 24, 2010
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