A type of gypsy who is very greedy for money. At any chance will try to steal money or perform sexual favors in exchange for some spare change. They live in Europe in the outskirts of Greece and are a rare species many people never get to see. Is often very reclusive and shy being reluctant to meet or go out with people. They are notorious for cheating, lying and being very stubborn. They are a breed that are hard to get into your home but once they come in are very hard if not impossible to get rid of. A common physical trait is long grown out hair that has the appearance of a species of octopus found off the coast of Greece.
"Oh man today I think I saw a tribe of Seiji"
"That Seiji we caught was very feisty"
"The Seiji never wants to sleep over."
"I think I was pick pocketed by a Seiji"
"I think a Seiji stole our game cube controllers."
by PaulTheMagnificentGreek January 31, 2009
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