a good name for your asian cat, or a penguin.
"aww your cats so cute, whats his name?"
"sooo... its an asian cat?"
by catlover34334 January 03, 2012
1. the sexiest most beautiful asian you will ever see. everyone loves him, hes sweet and charming and is the only asian to ever to have a big dick. he does some dumbass stuff sometimes. everyone thinks hes on drugs, but he just has no common sense.
1."omg, you know that guy seiji?"

"yeah hes so amazing i love him!"
2."wow seiji is cool, too bad hes on drugs."

"hes not."

"are you kidding he just tried to smoke a chair leg!"

"hes just dumb."

by theneverendingcircle January 03, 2012
the sexiest, most pimping asian you will ever see. seems like hes on drugs but he just has no common sense. the only asian with a big dick.
"wow that guy is a total seiji, he totally just fucked that girl and then dumped her."
"yeah isnt he on drugs?"
"naw hes just stupid."
"pretty hot though."
"omg yeah."
by jennyfromnoneofyourbusiness January 01, 2012
A type of gypsy who is very greedy for money. At any chance will try to steal money or perform sexual favors in exchange for some spare change. They live in Europe in the outskirts of Greece and are a rare species many people never get to see. Is often very reclusive and shy being reluctant to meet or go out with people. They are notorious for cheating, lying and being very stubborn. They are a breed that are hard to get into your home but once they come in are very hard if not impossible to get rid of. A common physical trait is long grown out hair that has the appearance of a species of octopus found off the coast of Greece.
"Oh man today I think I saw a tribe of Seiji"
"That Seiji we caught was very feisty"
"The Seiji never wants to sleep over."
"I think I was pick pocketed by a Seiji"
"I think a Seiji stole our game cube controllers."
by PaulTheMagnificentGreek January 31, 2009
a backstabbing bitch who doesnt care about your feelings or anything about you, and doesn't even care about themsekves.
Kayla is such a seiji!!!
by you_wish_you_knew May 25, 2009
Noun. A slang term for asshole. In context, may also mean douchbag
John: Shut the fuck up bitch.
Jill: Quit being such a Seiji!!
by I hate Seiji's May 25, 2009
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