A person who chooses not to drink alcoholic beverages or use drugs. It is a combination of the first letter of Straight and the first letter of Edge and the last three letters of veGAN. Pronounced with a long e as in weekend.
"Oh, no thank you, I am segan."
by Segan vegan October 03, 2009
Top Definition
A really nice person, one who is nice and kind to others.
"Thanks for helping me out! You're such a segan!"
by sweetiepieee390 November 02, 2010
A segan is a vegan (someone that does not eat any food made from animals or animal products) that also does not use drugs or alcohol or participate in casual sex.
Pronounced with a long e as in the word "week".
This is an edit to a previous definition.
Hello, would you care for a glass of wine, or a line of cocaine, or a cup of regular coffee, or to hook up, or whatever (fill in the blank) ? Oh, no thank you, I am segan.
by segan vegan October 04, 2009
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