Sega is a video game company and now a software manufacturer for PC,arcade,and console systems.Sega was founded in 1940,they were called Standard Games and later renamed Service Games.They started making video game arcades and continue to grow in popularity.Sega was gaining popularity because of games like Outrun.In the early 1980's the video game market crashed.In the mid-80's the video game market started to pick up again.Soon they released the Sega Master System and was powerful as the NES,but not as popular due to Nintendo's marketing.

In 1989,Sega introduced the Sega Genesis(Mega Drive) and used anti-Nintendo ads,with the slogan "Sega does what Nintendon't."At the time the Genesis had more powerful technology(16 bit) that was better compared to NES hardware(8 bit).Yu Suzuki has a lot to do with the high success with his great ideas of games like Super Hang On,Virtua Fighter,Virtua Cop,and OutRun.It started a "console war" within the video game industry,Nintendo released the Super Nintendo as a comeback.Sega had Sonic The Hedgehog and Nintendo had Mario,Sonic had attitude and was more hip and was cooler than Mario.Sega had success with the Genesis and later released the Sega CD,which had some success,but most of the games were ports of Genesis games.In 1994,Sega released the Sega 32x it "upgrades" the graphics of the Genesis,it sold well but it had a lack of creative games and people were excited about the Sega Saturn at the time.In a year it was in the bargain bar in a a lot of stores.

The Sega Saturn was released in 1995 and was a success due to the popularity of Virtua Fighter at the arcades.However the American market didn't like the Saturn,so it got pulled early in 1998.Most people wanted Playstation which had Tomb Raider & Crash Banditkoot and Nintendo 64 which had the typical Mario games.The Sega Saturn sold well in Japan and had lots of shmups and fighters that were only released in Japan.Modded Saturns can play burned games by putting in a mod chip.The Saturn had a cart slot for a memory expansion or a RAM expansion cartridge which played games like X-Men vs. Street Fighter,The King of Fighters '96,and Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.Most of the 2D fighters on the Saturn could play as well as the arcades unlike the Playstation due to the inferior hardware that makes the games suffer to slowdown and choppy animations.The Saturn was best at 2D games and not very good with 3D games.After a long run the last Saturn game was released in Japan in 1999.

In 1997,Sega released Gameworks,a family fun entertainment center.Gameworks has arcades,food,and bar upstairs in most places.

In 1999,Sega releases the Sega Dreamcast and blows away the current game systems which had 32 bit graphics and the DC had 132 bit which was way ahead for its time.The DC had a 56k modem for internet play and had some creative games like Chu Chu Rocket,Samba De Amigo,and Jet Grind Radio.The DC improves games that look inferior on other systems like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater,Street Fighter Alpha 3,and Soul Caliber which looked better than the arcade! As soon as the Playstation 2 came out the DC didn't sale as good due to the dvd player that was in the PS2.They discontinued the DC in march of 2001 due to the lack of sales.However in Japan the system was still very popular and sold until 2006.Their are many homebrew game companies that made games for the DC and as of 2009 they are still supported.The DC can play burned games without a modchip which is great if you can't afford the rare titles.

In 2002,Sega started to make games for other consoles like XBox,PS2 and Gamecube.Select DC games were on other consoles like Jet Grind Radio,Crazy Taxi,and Sonic Adventure.Sega also made Virtua Fighter 4,The House of the Dead 3,and Sonic Heroes.That even still make arcade games like The House of the Dead 4,Initial D,and Rambo.They also make games for the consoles Xbox 360,PS2,PS3,PSP and Wii like Condemned:Criminal Origins,Samba De Amigo and Ghost Squad.
"Sega has the best arcades bar none."

"I was playing The House of the Dead 4 yesterday,man it's fun."

The Sega Saturn is so awesome for the fun Japanese 2D fighters and shmups.

Best Sega games:
The House of the Dead 1,2,3 & 4
Virtua Fighter 1,2,3,& 4
Ghost Squad
Sonic the Hedgehog 1,2,& 3
Sonic CD
Sonic and Knuckles
Golden Axe
Golden Axe: Revenge of the Death Adder
Vectorman 1 & 2
Rocket Knight Adventures
Streets of Rage 1,2,& 3
by DH85 June 25, 2009
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PEOPLE! These AWFUL and INACCURATE definitions for Sega HAVE TO STOP! Sega has NEVER made weapons for the military or "photo boots" of any kind.

Sega was founded by an american named David Rosen who saw how popular pinball machines were among soldiers on US military bases. He started a company called Service Games to import these pinball machines to US bases in japan. Eventually he bought out a Jutebox facotry and used it to start making arcade machines. SEGA was printed on the side of the machines because it was short for "SErvice GAmes" and Rosen liked it enough to make it the new name for the company. Eventually they started to release home console systems in japan and fianlly released the SEga Master System(SMS) worldwide(IT WAS OT THEIR FIRST SYSTEM!). Eventually the videogame market crashed and the US assets of Sega had to be sold off but in Japan Sega survived by being bought out by Japanese investors. After that Sega went on the Release the Genesis(also know as Mega Drive in places where Sega was actually popular). The Genesis was a hit because most people weren't willing to wait two more year for the SNES to be released. Sega then screwed up with every hardware item they released after that such as the Game Gear, Nomad, 32X, Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast.

Now Sega is sucking the dicks of every other company for money to pay off their seven years of debt.
P.S. Sega has always had poor marketing skills as well.
by Sega Slayer November 18, 2003
Service Games.

Made in the 1960s by an American named David Rosen. The company started off as a successful photo boot company, bought out a Japanese jukebox company, and started making games in the 1970s. The company began making consoles in the 1980s, the most successful being the SEGA Genesis (1988), the SEGA Saturn (the Japanese version of course)(1994), and the SEGA Dreamcast(1998). After the surprising failure of the SEGA Dreamcast to pull the company out of its half-decade of debt from releasing poor quality consoles before the SEGA Saturn, SEGA sold itself out to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.
Once I was a SEGA fan, now I do my gaming on my trusty old PC.
by AYB February 17, 2003
Gaming company that, with the Genesis, was very popular, especially with Sonic. Got progressively worse as time wore on. Currently attempting to sue the website ytmnd for using their image. there is about a .05% chance they'd win that sort of thing
If Sega had good enough games they wouldnt need to be making money by suing innocent websites (ok, not THAT innocent)
by freakingname January 14, 2007
Screwing Every Gamer Again
See Everyone Get Angry
See Every Gamer Annoyed
The Rigged UFO Catcher machine was made by Sega to See Every Gamer Annoyed.
by xyzyxyz December 02, 2004
According to Gord off of Acts of Gord Sega is Japanese for "Compulsive Liar."
Dumb customer: "Sega wouldn't lie."

Gord: "That's right. They would never do that. Do you live in a cave? Sega is Japanese for compulsive liar."
by Eihm June 07, 2009
An evil company that was started in 1934 by Adolf Hitler,and then in the earlier 1950s,Nuked the aliens than had the remedy for immortality,and now,they have over 100,000,001 H-bombs
Oh crap,SEGA launched nukes at us!!!!!!
by KillerClam May 17, 2007
Italian slang for male masturbation. Literally translates to English as "saw." The masturbation slang definition comes from the sawing motion used when you "beat the dummy."
Voglio fare una sega stasera! (I want to beat the dummy tonight!)
by J. Boylan April 18, 2006

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