Greatest console/game/arcade developer/publisher in history, Never has, and never will, any company achieve such massive greatness and acclaim in so many ventures and on so many formats.

Often said to be the victim of its own mistakes, which is only half-true. After SEGA went third-party, it turned its profits around and became a massively successful company on the verge of extending that success and profit margin to its home development.

In truth the victim of a back-stabbing, immoran parent company, CSK; who behind closed doors sold out SEGA to the most hostile (and Yakuza-linked) parasite ever - Sammy corporation, headed by Satan's spawn, Hajime Satome. In october 2004, SEGA was dissolved anmd its assets made part of SSL, a new holding company which in truth is Sammy whoring SEGA's name on its subpar garbage in order to make it sell. Darkwatch and Spy Fiction are two examples of this trash which drags down SEGA's name. The more outspoken and independent developers have already left SEGA after Sammy, saying that SEGA as they loved it no longer existed; great minds such As Rikiya Nakagwa, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, and others. Sonikku-Team's Yuji Naka has always been resentful of Sammy - as has SEGA"s entire former executive board, which rejected numerous overtures from the yakuza-linked pachinko mafia company before - and has stuck with 'SEGA' as it is now out of his extreme loyalty and devotion, but sooner or later he and the lieks of Yu Suzuki will leave. They will only be able to take their beloved franchises being raped and molested - Sonic into pachinko, Shenmue into online nonsense - so much.

SEGA is also the victim of general bias and hate from both the gaming 'media' and 'gamers' in general; both of whom are indoctrinated to believe Nintendo is the be-all and end-all of gaming creativity when in truth Mityamotyo'd creative output is dwarfed by ay one SEGA development stidio and slaughtered by Yu Suzuki alone. When companies such as RARE and UbiSoft are sold or sell-out, these typical sheep are up in arms. When SEGA was literally raped, butchered and murdered slowly by Sammy, nary a word from the press or the 'gaming' community, which is proof positive of the incapability of the majority of humans to care for the right cause or see the suffering of the innocent, as well as blight over and ignore the evil of the powerful. SEGA's death is a micricosm of the situation in Occupied Palestine, Tibet, Aceh, et al. SEGA's death is proof that humanity is pathetic.

SEGA will live forever in the hearts of true gamers but is never easy to forget the violent rape and death of those you love. May SEGA be avenged and Sammy's yoke burned.
Pioneer in arcade techonology and its leader to this day and in home console development and game content; ie Samba de Amigo, Virtua Fighter, Dreamcast.
by Imran DeRoy January 27, 2005
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PEOPLE! These AWFUL and INACCURATE definitions for Sega HAVE TO STOP! Sega has NEVER made weapons for the military or "photo boots" of any kind.

Sega was founded by an american named David Rosen who saw how popular pinball machines were among soldiers on US military bases. He started a company called Service Games to import these pinball machines to US bases in japan. Eventually he bought out a Jutebox facotry and used it to start making arcade machines. SEGA was printed on the side of the machines because it was short for "SErvice GAmes" and Rosen liked it enough to make it the new name for the company. Eventually they started to release home console systems in japan and fianlly released the SEga Master System(SMS) worldwide(IT WAS OT THEIR FIRST SYSTEM!). Eventually the videogame market crashed and the US assets of Sega had to be sold off but in Japan Sega survived by being bought out by Japanese investors. After that Sega went on the Release the Genesis(also know as Mega Drive in places where Sega was actually popular). The Genesis was a hit because most people weren't willing to wait two more year for the SNES to be released. Sega then screwed up with every hardware item they released after that such as the Game Gear, Nomad, 32X, Sega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast.

Now Sega is sucking the dicks of every other company for money to pay off their seven years of debt.
P.S. Sega has always had poor marketing skills as well.
by Sega Slayer November 18, 2003
Service Games.

Made in the 1960s by an American named David Rosen. The company started off as a successful photo boot company, bought out a Japanese jukebox company, and started making games in the 1970s. The company began making consoles in the 1980s, the most successful being the SEGA Genesis (1988), the SEGA Saturn (the Japanese version of course)(1994), and the SEGA Dreamcast(1998). After the surprising failure of the SEGA Dreamcast to pull the company out of its half-decade of debt from releasing poor quality consoles before the SEGA Saturn, SEGA sold itself out to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.
Once I was a SEGA fan, now I do my gaming on my trusty old PC.
by AYB February 17, 2003
Gaming company that, with the Genesis, was very popular, especially with Sonic. Got progressively worse as time wore on. Currently attempting to sue the website ytmnd for using their image. there is about a .05% chance they'd win that sort of thing
If Sega had good enough games they wouldnt need to be making money by suing innocent websites (ok, not THAT innocent)
by freakingname January 14, 2007
Screwing Every Gamer Again
See Everyone Get Angry
See Every Gamer Annoyed
The Rigged UFO Catcher machine was made by Sega to See Every Gamer Annoyed.
by xyzyxyz December 02, 2004
According to Gord off of Acts of Gord Sega is Japanese for "Compulsive Liar."
Dumb customer: "Sega wouldn't lie."

Gord: "That's right. They would never do that. Do you live in a cave? Sega is Japanese for compulsive liar."
by Eihm June 07, 2009
An evil company that was started in 1934 by Adolf Hitler,and then in the earlier 1950s,Nuked the aliens than had the remedy for immortality,and now,they have over 100,000,001 H-bombs
Oh crap,SEGA launched nukes at us!!!!!!
by KillerClam May 17, 2007
Italian slang for male masturbation. Literally translates to English as "saw." The masturbation slang definition comes from the sawing motion used when you "beat the dummy."
Voglio fare una sega stasera! (I want to beat the dummy tonight!)
by J. Boylan April 18, 2006

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