Medical slang for a person who turns up to a doctor's clinic or hospital emergency department apparently in extreme pain, who really just wants a dose of morphine or pethidine. Often associated with many horrible past and present life experiences that would usually elicit sympathy but not at 2 am on night shift.
Triage nurse: "That guy says he has a kidney stone but I think he's a seeker. I've put him down as category 3."
Intern: Let's hope he gets bored and buggers off to some other ED, or at least gets seen by someone other than me."
by mahatmagrande September 26, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who has become enlightened in the ways of the universe by accepting they know nothing about it.
After months of meditation, smoking ganja, and eating, Joe realized he knew nothing. Overwhelmed with a desire to understand, and knowing that he never would, Joe became a Seeker.
by WeedSeeker August 30, 2010
A term in the Transformers universe usually used to describe certain Decepticon warriors with jet transformations.
Starscream, Skywarp, and Thundercracker are all seekers.
by Neko-Chan700 December 13, 2010
Cops who try to pick up minors who are out past curfew. most of the time they're in disguised cars.
We saw five seekers pulling kids over tonight, so watch out.
by VVeedson March 24, 2010
A ghey pretend Scouser that likes to swear a lot and has a tendency to spout the weirdest crap you'll ever read on the internets.
:Seeker races in throwing grapes at all the Mods:

Suck it and see!!!!!!!

Suck it and seeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

Waddle like a duck mutha fuckas!!!!!!
by ~~QB~~ February 07, 2006
A moron who wonders the streets late at night. Usually trying to be emo. Can be seen wearing a school blazer with a cap.
Hey Seeker, you're looking mighty gay today.
by H3ll0 September 07, 2006
a seeker is a retard who climbed over mountains lookin for somethin that he doesnt even know what is....
in other words... A JACKASS!

Hey Hunter, your a god damn seeker!

Hunter Zerange is a Seeker!

I am the seeker.... (*interjection*)jackass!(*interjection over*) i been searchin low and high!

Hey Kameron, you see that dude over there? HES A SEEKER!
by C.S. Norris January 09, 2008
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