The coolest, funniest person you will ever know. Sedona is usually a very trendy and fierce female. Sedona is tall and has the singing voice of an angel. She is very confident and talks ALOT. Her laugh is usually funnier than the joke itself.
Person 1: Why are you laughing so much
Person 2: I was just talking to Sedona
by idk69 May 01, 2013
Top Definition
an amazingly sexy woman. Will steal your heart. A smile that lights up anyones face, and a smell that you would follow for hours, its delicious. 8 out of 10 guys want her, but she knows how to stick to her man.
daymn. wish i was sedona.
by you know its true. July 31, 2009
the coolest most awsome person in the world. and gets extremly horny but the boys are a tease
damn she a sedona?
by FadingIdentity January 03, 2009
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