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By Far The Most watched/contreversial hit tv show on ABC Family. Basically a teen gets banged in band camp and figures out shes pregnant, while a slutty chick cant decide if she likes her "bed buddie" more than a bed buddie, & a jesus loving goody goody struggles with her parents disapproval towards her boyfriend.
Jane-Hey Sally! wanna go to the mall this Tuesday?
Sally-Heck No! Im watching the Secret Life of The American Teenager!
Jane-Whats that?
Sally-a bunch of teen sluts dealing with pregnancys and one night stands
by Jazzahoe July 15, 2008
Another dumb teen drama, but this one is a tad different. Instead of hinting around taboo subjects like teen sex and pregnancy, they just come right out and talk about it. Doesn't really give a full description of "Secret Teen Life" though - IE, there's no talk of suicide, cliques, drugs, etc. IMO, the title is a tad misleading.
Secret Life Of The American Teenager, sex sex sex, "Did you hear? I'm a crazy Christian!"
by hickschicks2010 September 12, 2008
A true and honest look into the everyday-wholesome teens life where the best actor is the one who's mentally retarded. Reveals how slutty ALL American teenagers actually are. Thank God for this show otherwise my mom wouldn't have put me on birth conrtol.
daugher- Hey Mom, put me on some birth control!

Mother- Well after watching Secret Life of the American Teenager, all teens must be whoring around! Sure Hunny!
by Raped Ape Hole June 22, 2011
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