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It is a subtle way of indicating towards people of asian descent. They are secret ninjas.
Saying this means that they dont know you are calling them asians.
E: Hey bro, dont look now but there is a huge group of secret ninjas behind you

S: Damn man its like horishima up in this bitch
by iKielo1 February 02, 2009
1. a "potentially harmful" highschool female, but only when provoked by stupid people.

2. also the name of an ass-kickin' feminist publication in the form of a notebook.

related words: secret ninja society
1. "I can't believe you said that to her! She's a Secret Ninja, she'll kick your ass!"

2."Man, I wish I could read that notebook. Whoever reads it laughs the whole time!"
by Allie January 18, 2004
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