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A new cartoon on Cartoon Network.

The characters are monsters called Disgustoids.

The show revolves mostly around gross+stupid humor.
Ages 7-10....

Bleh. If you saw it, go wash your eyes out.
Kid 1: Dude did you watch the new episode of SMFA?
Kid 2: yes, it's very stupid.

Girl 1: Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is soooo stupid.
Girl 2: Agreed.
#c #n cn #secret #mountain #fort #awesome #smfa #stupid #cartoon
by mxrlovaforevs August 06, 2011
One of the best shows to ever grace the television
Guy: Man I'm sad I missed the new Secret Mountain Fort Awesome ep
Guy 2: Sucks man, the episode was awesome!
#uncle grandpa #secret mountain fort awesome #cartoon network #cartoons #awesome tv
by PizzaSteve413 August 26, 2014
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