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The prices for marijuana within the Seattle Area (Pierce County, King County, etc). $200.00 for 28 grams of really dank weed. $220.00 for 28 grams of medical weed. Everywhere else people get ripped off. Everywhere else (in the US) people have shitty weed and aren't generous. Gotta love the West-Side weight.
Puyallup Resident - "I just picked up a 2.1 dub of blueberry yum yum from Ken for $20. Dude Seattle Area Marijuana Prices are THE best."

Spokane Resident - "Did we seriously just get a half ounce for $140 of this stress?"

California Resident - "Damn this chronic is really good, but it's $300.00 an ounce."

Tacoma Resident - "That stuff we got from Hilltop was the best stuff I've ever smoked, but it was way too sketch buying it."
by TheChronicKingWes115 December 06, 2009
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