When getting a blowjob, grabbing the girl's pigtails and holding them around your waist; giving her no escape.
Made that bitch give me a seatbelt for 45 minutes
by Tokestradamus February 14, 2010
Top Definition
The act of seatbelting becomes necessary when the penis of the human male becomes erect in public place. The male will place his erect penis underneath his belt to keep it under control and out of sight. It also feels absolutely fantastic.
I was in math class when I started getting hard, but I fuckin' seatbelt -ed that shit.
An inside joke that your friend won't inform you on it's meaning.
Friend: "Hey guys, I like pears!"
Other friend: "I don't get it."
You:" I don't either, it's a seatbelt"
by Lowfatman727 January 05, 2015
to hold on to,or grab in a fight( not throw punches )also in a fight if you ducked and held on then you pulled the seat belt.
Sports ( hockey,lacrosse ) term generally
used for when a persons in a fight
" yeah you see that guy puss out? " "Ya he really pulled the seat belt on that one ! "
by dlow July 09, 2006
"Two in the pink, one in the stink and the thumb to make her cum." This was originated by Backstreet Law and is accompanied by a hand gesture where only the ring finger is down. It is also associated with the line, "Put your motherfucking nose in the hose...SEATBELT!!!"
I took that bitch home last night and gave her the seatbelt. At first, she was surprised, but then she kinda liked it.
by Cheb February 14, 2005
1. A leather or woven cloth constraint that does not always save a driver's or passenger's life and is just another form of oppression to be ticketed for by police who can't find any real crime to stop.
My friend smokes cigarettes, and I don't wear my seatbelt, so we both put our lives in danger except I'm the one who gets robbed by the cops for it.
by meachtable June 01, 2010
another word for condom but only when the person says "ride"
Yea, I gave her a "ride" but I used a seatbelt
by Chris January 22, 2005

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