A device on the internet used to look up sites with the keyword you type in.
I needed to look up information on politics, so I typed it into the search engine and got all this cool stuff.
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
Top Definition
A web page containing a searching machine that scans web pages througout the internet for key phrases, effectively helping someone find information.
I couldn't find out how to make a homemade bomb, so I used a search engine and now I'm ready to blow up Chicago.
by Jaded June 21, 2003
Useful for when you're trying to find porn on the internet.
"So Peter typed 'big huge cocks on gay boys' in his search engine to see if anything came up..."
by Peter Stringfellow June 20, 2003
A time saving replacement to remembering things.
I don't know what the capital of Paraguay is. Just go Google it.
by Fireduck May 03, 2005
A clever device used with the internet, usually used by school-aged children for reports, etc. Unfortunetly, there are downsides to this information mecca. Most results include pornography, which really should not be seen by school aged children. Sites include Google, Ask Jeeves, and AltaVista.
Little Bobby: Mr. Teacher, I typed in the search engine "Horny Frog" and I got all this stuff...does this have to do with the horny frog?
Mr. Teacher: "Come see live horny girls frog each other!?" My! Tommy, shut it off now!
by THE ALL KNOWING AMY May 07, 2004
A website where pornographers, spammers, and online casinos collect new victims by interspersing links to their websites with links to information that lusers are searching for.
My daughters have a fever, I just went to a search engine to research "hot girls" and was very dissappointed with the results.
by otherchaz May 03, 2005
One of various webpages dedicated to helping you find webpages related to your query.
google is the best search engine
by d00d June 20, 2003
A thing on the internet used to search through 1,000,000s of websites and only show the sites that contain a particular word/phrase that you enter.

Often used by teenagers to find free pornography.
Popular sites include: Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
by DEADSiM2 May 03, 2005
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