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an irish name. seana is the funniest, craziest, randomest, person youll ever meet. never give her caffeine because she might go crazy and get SUPER hyper. she has gorgeous eyes and a nice ass. she is straight but she attracts lesbian crushes. she is very athletic and is capable of breaking your arm if you get on the wrong side of her. overall she is an amazing friend and you cant not love her. she is also a whore.
Person 1: omg look its a seana

Person 2: i heard shes one of a kind
Person 3: YEAH BUDDY

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Seana's are very beautiful. They are very good at pretending they are happy but they give it away in their alluring, angelic eyes. They are good people and are always willing to go the extra mile for someone they care about. Seana's are pure, kind, humble, and vital people. They are loyal and one of the most honest and trusting people on the planet. They are truly divine and someone youd want for a life time.
"Who's someone you can always depend on"

"That girl Seana"
by beautifulloyalhonesttrusting January 07, 2013