A subhuman who makes sounds that both niggers and wiggers call "music".
Sean Paul is an illiterate, island-dwelling piece of trash. His "music" appeals to those with no class.
by Jason Bjornsson April 03, 2006
Possible the worst rapper ever. Makes up words to sound cool in his songs. If you are lucky you might be able to understand like 3 words.
Jamie: OMG..Did you hear that Temperture Song by sean paul?
Tyler: No I haven't. Is it good?
Jamie: No you can't understand a fucking thing that he says and I believe he's a homosexual and douche bag.
Tyler: Awesome.
by S-Unit05 April 24, 2006
a dirty piece of shit rapper, who no one can understand a goddamn word coming out of his mouth. Terrible ''lyrics'', melodies, and all his shit sounds the same= none of it makes sense.
"you hear that big homo, sean paul rappin? He asks for you to just gimme the light. he should be asking for ''just gimme a clue''
by conpiece June 27, 2006
A cigarette lighter, derived from some gay song with the lyric "Just gimmie the light".
"G-Fresh, wing us your sean paul this way"
by $pencer Rocks... May 14, 2006
Possibly one of the worst artists ever. Sounds like a total fool when he sings, and everyone who likes him has the IQ of about 6.
Listen to some real music dickheads, like Vocal Trance
by Cloud November 22, 2004
A more convincing than average wigger.
Nobody noticed that sean paul has white skin, because he just mumbles about shit through his songs and only duets with black artisits or people that look like street hoes.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 22, 2004
wack as fuck spastick rude boi where u dont understand a damn thing that comes from his mouth
jdhgdfslhg tye rt tr
by Rhythm n Gangsta December 11, 2004
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