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A drain, through which vast amounts of alcohol is poured, yet no effect is ever gained. unless belligerence can be counted. Then in that case it doesnt take much.

The true story of john jamesons whiskey-
John jameson was diving to get the whiskey barrel when seamus stabbed him with a pointy shaft and killed that little bitch. He then dove down to engage the giant squid in sexual combat and won handily, with his penis. And by win I mean lost and got raped. But some 35 years later in a dirty alley in a dirtier dumpster I found a smelly sock that kind of looked like seamus.

And so the legend lives on
Justin- Hey where did my whisky go?

Connor-The ghost of seamus past took it along with your virginity.

Seamus- Its true
by Connor TEEHEE January 16, 2012
27 17
A carnivorous marine animal, similar in appearance to its land-based cousin the emu, though with brownish scales instead of feathers. Lives on krill, rainbow trout and unwary swimmers.
Kevin was warned not to go in the water that day, but he didn't listen. When he didn't return, his girlfriend assumed he had been eaten by a seamu.

"No way I'm diving on that shipwreck, it's teeming with hungry seamus!"
by Lauren of Arabia March 24, 2009
7 1
An Irish guy who likes to wear girl's pants.
Guy: Who's that red-headed chick over there?
Other guy: Nah man, that's just Seamus.
by --bladhblahblah-- August 03, 2010
35 54
a deregatory term for an irish illegal alien.
patrick was living and working illegaly in boston for forty years before any one noticed. now every one calls him seamus.
by kit rottenchild August 11, 2006
41 97
Usually a person who is a bitch-ass, and is such a pussy that his girlfriend would have no problim cheating on him, also resembles harry potter
oh she cheated on him, haha hes such a seamus
by HEAD OF MCAULEY HALL December 05, 2010
12 70
An irish name. Normally a tall specimen with rotting teeth and bad breath. It lives in small burrows across England and Ireland and only eats John Wrights hair.
You smelly little Seamus

your a right Seamus you are
by isimo June 07, 2007
31 138