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The most beautiful man alive. Smart, kind, and honest. A true gentleman. He easily makes friends and is good to his woman and family.
Seamus is such a great person
by MLE13 February 05, 2010
An Gaelic(Irish) name meaning James.
He was an Irishman with the name of Seamus
by Seamus D. October 06, 2007
American slang for a private detective or an Irish cop. Commonly misspelled as "Shamus." Taken from Seamus, a popular first name among Irishmen. The slang meaning of the name is believed to have originated in the early 20th century.
"I'm a brother Seamus!"
by OsirusR July 15, 2009
a kid has swag, and is mad sexy
by seamusc2014 June 28, 2011
The sailor that appears periodically on the show "Family Guy"
Seamus appears at the oddest times during the show.
by Brewski. August 04, 2009
An irish man with much athority over everyone.

His Blood alcohol level is approximately 90% crown royal, on average drinks a skid of rye
Seamus drank a skid of rye for breakfast

student 1: how much did you drink last night?
student 2: i drank a 26er of rye!
student 1; you pulled a Seamus!
by \m/ metal! April 04, 2010
He's hot but he's a player so you definatley don't want to date him... he's really a great friend though, super funny!
Girl 1: What would you say if Seamus asked you out?

Girl 2: Yes, of course! He is soo hot!!

Girl 1: Really? Have you even met him? He's a total player!

Girl 2: So, I would still say yes... it's not like I'll be surprised if he cheats on me! I'll see it coming.
by Dani Cali August 12, 2011
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