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When a female places both hands firmly against the lower-side sections of her breasts and pushes them together in a repetitive motion. If motion is executed quickly enough, the sound of the breasts smacking together gives off a kissy kiss noise. Can also be done by males although slightly less attractive opposed to a woman practicing the art of the Seal Kiss.
George: Hey Tim! Did you see Jen give her twins the Seal Kisses?

Tim: Darnit I missed it whilst grabbing another Brewsky out of the cooler
#boobyball #titty smackin #fake chow #seel keeses #seal kysses #seele kisses
by SealManONE August 23, 2011
When you place your foreskin over another males penis and rub forwards and backwards slowly.
John: Can i give you a seal kiss?
Mick: Okay but lube up
#seal #kiss #sael #ksis #kis
by RandyHorseLicker August 24, 2009
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