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A legendary high school in Daytona Beach, Florida, where a student is measured by his/her ability to skip class and still manage to pass. A place where dreams come true, but only if your dream is to become addicted to sex, drugs, and alchohol before the age of 15. Mostly a place of local legends and urban myths, you do not want your kid to go here. Other local schools call Seabreeze "Sleezebreeze" and say that we have STD's. It's true. Popularity comes in the form of one's abililty to chug natty lights, snort xanax bars, steal whatever pills are in mom's cabinet, get stoned before school AND at lunch, eat magic mushrooms, swallow XTC, drink jaegerbombs, drive fast, and somehow still be good at sports. If you don't go to Seabreeze, you're just not that cool.
person 1: "Yo what are your plans for the future?"
person 2: "Dude I go to Seabreeze High School..."
by stoopidlungs January 28, 2010
A high school located in Daytona Beach, Florida.the school's mascot is the sand crab, which has inspired a popular football-game chant: "SEABREEZE HAS CRABS!". Students of this school are known to make fun of the students of rival Spruce Creek High School by writing insulting definitions of the school on Urban Dictionary; making fun of the fact that students in the IB Program at Spruce Creek often have too much homework to be able to participate in social activities. However, this attempted jab at intelligence backfires, because Seabreeze students are apparently not even smart enough to recognize the difference between the words "there", "they're", and "their", spell words correctly, or use proper punctuation to separate ideas in sentences.
Seabreeze High School student talking about Spruce Creek High School students: They're schedules consist of srictly studying and attending sporting events. No one has ever spotted one lurking anywhere beyond those places so consider yourself lucky if you catch the rare species actually doing something fun.

Spruce Creek High School student: Dude, use spelling and grammar check next time. I lost brain cells reading that.
by It's a great day to be a hawk. April 17, 2011
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