1) Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, just south of Seattle and north of Tacoma. Main airline - Alaska Airlines.

2) A city between Seattle and Tacoma, 10 square miles in area with a population over 25,000. The borders surround SeaTac Airport, but the Airport does not belong to the city. Previously Unincorporated King County, SeaTac became a city in February 1990.
1) I fly out of SeaTac tomorrow morning.

2) A: Where do you live?
B: SeaTac
A: You mean at the airport?!
B: No. SeaTac is a city, too.
A: Really?
B: Yes.
A: UrbanDictionary doesn't say it is...
B: Well, it is a city...and it says it now.
by Andrea Rose August 14, 2008
Top Definition
Seattle Tacoma International Airport
I arrive in to SeaTac at 6pm.
by Matt Weller February 02, 2007

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