When someone has deep deep waves and a girl/boy is so obsessed because she/he believes that someone has "good hair" can't get off the fact that the persons hair is the way it is and loves their waves can be characterized a a sesick person
Dang his waves are deep he got me seasick.
by Alex'Andra May 26, 2008
Top Definition
You get Sea Sick when you have sex with a fat chick, the waves move up and down and back and forth and up and down
Oh, I got so sea sick last night,
I had sex with a fat chick,
Sea sick?
From all the waves, back and forth up and down, it made me sick to my stomach to think about it.
by CacheXT December 30, 2005
Calling in sick to work the Day After A Seattle Seahawks game.
I had such a hangover after the Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers I had to call in to work "seasick".
by andypal January 19, 2015
A term used by the Blood Gang, indigenous to the compton section of los angeles, to their hate towards their rivals, the Crip Gang.

Sea Sick also spelled "C-Sick" explains that the letter C makes them sick to the point of being descusted
1) Ay Blood, U C-Sick?
2) BLOOD 1: Iz you sick nigga?
BLOOD 2: Yea B im C-Sick
3) BLOOD: Iz you sick nigga?
CRIP: Yea i got da "flue" fool!
by babyboyshady August 31, 2004
The remorse you feel after downloading a pirated video that spoils a game/book/or movie series.
I shouldn't have downloaded the leaked Halo 4 ending, I'm so Sea Sick about it right now.
by TheKeyster October 13, 2012
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