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The act of grabbing another mans balls, usually involving the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers, but never the pinky. Also accompanied by yelling sea dragon.
Daniel: "SEA DRAGON!"

David: "Ahh, fuck you!"
by Reaganation October 28, 2009
Quite simply, your dick
Steve: Oh, man, Ihave to let the sea dragon roar.
Homey Joe: What?
Steve: I have to piss.
Homey Joe: Oh.
by YoHomeyJoe July 10, 2008
In a male-gay-marriage, the one who plays the role of Mom of their kids.

The "seadragon" is a marine specie, where the male is who carries and get birth the babies! Females deposit eggs on the tail of the male where they grow to maturity.
Francis and Winston are adopting their first child; Winston is the "seadragon".
by anna5667 June 13, 2008